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Silent Sunday – 18th November 2012

16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 18th November 2012

  1. I have pics of my dog doing the same….disgusting habit letting pets in bed but you try keeping them out

  2. Bless, he looks just like our cat, same markings, except ours is a farm cat and her bed is outside, made of old duvets though!

    1. Brrrr, I’d not like to be a farm cat, that’s for sure. Mine looks out the window on rainy and snowy days and refuses to go out now. He’s way too pampered I guess.

  3. Looks very snug there.

    1. Completely, he loves his comfort these days.

  4. The cheeky little monkey, but he does look comfortable.

    1. He’s actually still there, even now. I don’t have the heart to put him off middlers bed.

  5. somebody looks comfortable

    1. He does, doesn’t he? It’s where I’d love to be right now if the kids were sleeping.

  6. Ohh I wish I was there right now! Mich x

    1. He does look snuggly warm, doesn’t he?

  7. Ooh, love the colours and the kitty 🙂 he/she looks roasty toasty warm:)

    1. He’s an oldish man. At least about 13 and possibly older. He used to live on a roundabout, waiting for the owner who dumped him to come back and get him. It took about 2 years for him to trust again, but now he’s a spoiled and couthy puss cat.

  8. That’s so cute!!!

    1. He’s sound asleep and still sleeping in middlers bedroom while he’s away at respite.

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