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Featured Guest Post: How do you get kids to brush their teeth?

Featured Post:

My kids recently had the dentist and all three of them had to get fillings.  Sadly for my youngest, who religiously brushes his teeth twice a day, he needed the most fillings.

The problem with the other two kids, is that they’re not keen on brushing at all.   They’re both past the age of letting mum wield the toothbrush, and I do think that tips to help our little ones brush their teeth, and keep them wanting to brush their teeth is important.

My kids are adopted, and eldest came to me with a mouthful of rotten teeth.  I have no idea if that has caused damage to his adult teeth as the baby ones fell out, but his teeth seem to be very soft enamel.  The dentist said that some kids are just plain unlucky, so I guess he’s had a double whammy of misfortune, or the early experiences of not brushing impacted on his adult ones.  Who knows?

Thankfully, after the last visit to the dentist, he seems to be easier to persuade to brush his teeth.  I can say with honesty that my kids do like Aquafresh, so I didn’t hesitate to take on this campaign.

I am very aware of how difficult it can be to brush the teeth of a little one.  I’ve spent many a day wrestling with a totter while they clamped their jaws firmly around the toothbrush and refused point blank to allow it to touch those pearly whites.  I could have used some tips to help with the brushing, so this campaign seems like a sensible one to me.

It’s not surprising that Aquafresh found that out of a survey of 1,500 mums of children aged 2 – 12, that the results who more than one million under-fives have at least two fillings as mums struggle to get kids to brush their teeth.

After the survey, Aquafresh produced a video with handy tips to make brush time more enjoyable.  Have a look and see if it can help you.

For more information, or to sign up to The Club for fun tips on how to get kids brushing or for a free sample of Aquafresh Fresh & Minty, please visit 

Go on, what do you have to lose by trying a free sample from the Aquafresh club.

1 thought on “Featured Guest Post: How do you get kids to brush their teeth?

  1. Since my move here to the US, the dentist has told me that it isn’t so much the brushing that causes the problems it’s the aversion to flossing on a regular basis.

    Both my boys recently had to have fillings and the fillings were more to the front or back of the tooth where the teeth butt up against each other. My dentist said that regular flossing would stop the decay in this area.

    Since my youngest now has braces his brushing routine has had to change. He has a special brush to help him clean around each of the brace plates on his teeth and also a special little loop tool to help him get the floss behind the wire of the brace so he can get in between his teeth.

    Have to say, braces, although I was against them are a wonderful thing, as not only is my son taking care of his teeth better when brushing, he is now not allowed to drink fizzy pop, can’t chew toffees, or crisps and is unable to bite his finger nails!
    On the whole his braces are quite literally turning him into a whole new boy!

    I should say that prior to the braces he was a nightmare at brushing and flossing was a thing that dreams are made of….lol

    Lou 🙂

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