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The Duchess of Cambridge Topless Photos. Why I think it’s more serious than it seems.

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Lounging in a private home, in a secluded location, you’d think it was pretty safe to top up your tan in France, and make sure there are no unsightly bikini lines.  Looking around on our own holidays, we tend to worry if our bums look bigger than the people sitting in the next loungers, but as a rule, we never have to worry about much more than that.

It’s pretty poor that the media has decided to pick on the newish Duchess of Cambridge just as she goes on a tour to promote our country and represent the Queen.   Catherine and her husband, Prince William, must be fuming in private over the topless photos, but they’ve put on a brave face and managed to carry on, admirably.  Some say they get paid to do a job, and yes, they do, but come on, they’re people first and foremost.

If the papers would just shut up about the issue and not keep harping on about who is publishing them, the pictures would have away and dried up in the news without all this sensation.

The media have made a circus out of it, and not publishing the photos seems to have become as lucrative as publishing them by default.  Is it try to gain the support of people by getting them up in arms, or is it really bypassing the real issue that should be being dealt with?

Don’t think for one minute that I am a fan faring, flag bearing royalist, because I’m not.  I have no real like, nor dislike for the royal family – I don’t know them.  Saying that, I really can’t abide seeing someone being the subject of abuse, no matter how small the minority are who are perpetrating it.  Yes, I think our media are just big bullies, but there’s also more to it than that.

Why Catherine got her boobs out at all is a mystery to me, since once they are in the public eye, there really is no privacy.  I guess the couple felt safe, but there really are some things people need to give up if they are to stay in the public eye.  It’s not fair, but it is playing safe.

I have to say, even indoors, covering up your boobs might be a good idea if the curtains are open.  I remember back to when Prince Charles was photographed coming out of a shower if I remember rightly.  He had expectations of privacy there.

What about when Sarah Ferguson thought she was safe with the toe-sucking incident she got crucified for.  Considering she and Prince Andrew seemed to have already been split up in private, the outcry there was incredible, and I’ve no doubt left her scarred for life.

Rambling might be the order of the day here, but I do think the issue not being talked about is a bigger one.  Catherine’s boobs worry me not a jot, they give babies food for heaven’s sake, and there are plenty of boobs out on most beaches.   I do think “good on her” for keeping a happy face while she is on tour.

The thing that does come to mind with me, is one of the photographer.   He had a long-range camera.

What if it had been a long-range rifle?

On public tours and events, the areas are scoured, and staff are on standby to check the routes.

There’s no hiding for a sniper as they’ll be found in seconds (I am guessing).

In a private villa, in a remote place, they were vulnerable.  I find that more newsworthy than a young woman getting a tan.

My whole point is that the papers seem to be more engrossed in fighting each other over being the top dog of papers that “haven’t” printed the pics, than they are of discussing the potential danger the couple faced.




15 thoughts on “The Duchess of Cambridge Topless Photos. Why I think it’s more serious than it seems.

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge Topless Photos..Why I think it’s more serious than it seems……………..

  2. Personally, I am glad to see the injunction has been granted. Now to see if they find the photographer…

  3. I initially thought “who cares” on hearing this news. But in realising it was supposed to be a private, secluded location I felt angry that it happened. I ‘obviously’ don’t know them, but I think it’s not ‘game on’ to photograph anyone without consent when on private property (and it’s actually breaking the law).
    I heard the comment re. ‘the sniper’ on Loose Women yesterday & agree this is a greater concern.
    What us admirable is that William is Pershing the case against the French media. Firstly to protect his wife and fueled I don’t doubt by his Mother’s death as a result of the French media hounding her to the point of causing her hardly accidental death.
    It is essential that the media are stopped and justice is done as it is clear that they will stop at nothing.
    Whilst some of us might say “she’s famous now, she needs to realise the consequences” I think the majority would appreciate that whilst in ‘pricate’ everyone is entitled to a nosl life. Are they to wear masks or remain in fortresses for their protection…… I thought it admirable that William and Kate have tried to live as normal lives as possible and are respected for this

    1. I think the privacy issue is a given. It’s what lot of celebs have to put up with, when really, what they do in their private life is nobody else’s concern. Agree, it’s admirable that they are pursuing it in courts, but I doubt it will stop anyone. People have been banging on about privacy with the Leveson Inquiry, but it doesn’t seem to have changed anything much so far.

      I agree, she shouldn’t have to cover up in private, but in reality, she is going to be hounded and being photographed anywhere is going to be a risk. It’s not her fault, but it’s a risk that public figures know about and take. It’s sad when their trust is broken, and it is wrong, but I can’t see that changing anytime soon unless every country in the world starts saying the same things.

      I had a huge argument on this blog with photographers a year or so ago who crucified me for saying they should ask people before taking or publishing pictures of others and kids, and they were adamant that they had “creative rights” and that anyone is fair game and I totally disagree with that.

      If those people are the ones out taking photographs, then I really pity anyone in the public eye.

      I am in total agreement, the privacy thing is rubbish, but no matter how much we say it’s wrong, the photographers are still going to do their hardest to get more. I’d imagine they are a lucrative target as far as photographers are concerned.

    2. What annoys me most in all of this is that the photographer is not a ‘he’, they are infact a ‘she’. I wonder what ‘she’ would feel like if the tables were turned.

      No matter whether the DOC is the future queen or just a checkout girl in Tesco, no-one had a right to take those photos and no-one has the right to publish them. They are not in the public interest.

      You’re quite right about not printing the pictures being as lucrative as printing them. I hate the way the British press are so up in arms about it all, like they suddenly have morals…

  4. I think our media are just big bullies, but there’s also more to it than that.

    1. Yes, they are big bullies. The privacy issue is also a big one, but the old paparazzi thing is never going to go away. I do think it’s not fair that they can’t have a normal life away from the official one, but there is always going to be someone, somewhere that will want to get gossip, or make it.

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