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Introducing cats to cats. You Tube Video Find (Cute)

I found this on Youtube, and I really couldn’t resist sharing it.  I once had to introduce a teensy kitten to two adult cats and the process was pretty similar.  We had our cats eye each other up through glass doors for a few days, but the steps seem to be pretty common and I still get asked how to introduce cats.

The cats protection league has a section titled : How can I introduce my new cat to my existing cat? which gives us good pointers on how to make the introductions slowly and with care to make sure that they accept each other.

The general steps for introducing cats to each other seems to be.

1.  Allow the animals to smell and see each other through a door for a few days, each cat with plenty food, water and comfort.

2. Slowly introduce them to each other by scent on your clothes, and on hands until they get used to the scent of each other.

3. Allow them to be in the same room in your presence where you can supervise and ensure that a vulnerable cat is safe.

4. Take your time as some cats will take longer to get used to new cats than others.

I challenge you not to say awwwww at the end of this video introducing a kitten to a cat …


8 thoughts on “Introducing cats to cats. You Tube Video Find (Cute)

  1. Thanks, this kept my son entertained for hours – long enough to make tea anyway.

  2. oh my gosh! That is the cutest thing ever! This video is adorable! 😛

  3. so cute!

    1. It really is.

  4. Guess what! I said awwww out loud

    1. So did I. I couldn’t resiste sharing. Back when Introduced a kitten to two adult cats was pre much in the way of photography states for me so I have nothing to look back at sadly.

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