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Smart mums get time savings by managing their energy online.

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We mums are great at multi-tasking.   I admit, that as a prolific blogger, I tend to go online several times in any one day (Internet service permitting)  and at times I’m probably checking email, or messages hourly, which helps me feel more in control of my mad family life.  I organise my life around my Internet persona, so my time online has to be productive – or days would simply disappear in a flash.

Research collated by British Gas, showed that busy mums save up to an hour a day by using the Internet for some daily chores, like banking, finance and paying bills.  In fact, the statistics even went as far as showing that online mums spend the same time online a day as they do when they are engrossed in housework (39%)

British Gas wants to inspire people to use the Internet to manage energy bills and save time by using a range of online tools.  With 7 out of 10 mums using the Internet to cope, the efficiency levels they achieve are high in comparison to the younger generations as they tend to focus on essential tasks.

It’s always good to hear of new tools and websites where I can save time doing my daily chores, so when I heard about British Gas and their online app, I was actually surprisingly excited about it.  Being able to have meter readings submitted without having to let a stranger inside my door is appealing to me.

Tim Copper, Digital Director, British Gas said: “We’re  helping our customers save time and hassle by giving them the tools they need to manage their energy online – freeing them up to spend time doing other things. From submitting meter readings to checking their balance really easily at the touch of a button, online or via our app, we’re making it easier customers to stay in control of their energy every day.”

Lets look at some more of the research.

46% of mums are going online every few hours to complete day-to-day task, such as, booking appointments, checking/ paying bills, shopping etc.

The most popular online tasks for mums are:

  • Buying presents / gifts for the family (86%).
  • Managing finances (84%).
  • Paying bills e.g. energy bills (84%).
  • Overwhelmingly mums go online to complete day to day tasks to save time (68%) rather than money (42%).
  • More than half of mums (54%) admit that without the technology, they wouldn’t be able to cope with the demands of their increasingly hectic lives.
  • 30% of mums even claim a lack of internet action for an extended period of time makes them feel anxious.

For me, it’s pretty obvious that my online life has to save me time as well as money, or I probably wouldn’t do it.

I use the Internet and go online to complete chores because it saves me:

  • Travel both ways to do grocery shopping, the time involved and stress driving.  Time would easily add up to a couple of hours, or I could simply log on, do my shopping, sit back with a cuppa, no stress and potter with some emails for a maximum of about an hour in total.
  • Additional savings for using direct debits for monthly energy bills, ie phone, gas and electric, as there are usually small savings for paying online.

Finding the time to interact online:

I’ve been told many times by friends that they don’t know how I find the time to go online and blog.  This actually means they think I have far too much time on my hands, and have nothing better to do.  What they don’t realise is that using the Internet probably means I have more spare time in a day than they have for getting MORE done.  It’s a well kept secret by Internet fans.  Going online is easy and I can pay my bills while I’m waiting at the school gates – how efficient is that?

British Gas

Paying bills by direct debit gives and average annual saving of £67.  It’s how I do mine.  The benefits from using online services can take the headache out of having to call a call centre to find out simple things that we can get access to immediately on the Internet.

Register now with British Gas to manage your online energy, and you will be able to :
  • View your balance.
  • Print your bill
  • Enter meter readings
  • Monitor your energy consumption
  • Book and track an engineer

You’ll also receive 2000 Nectar Points for registering for an online account, as well as more rewards for submitting meter readings and using the online dashboard.  Find out more.

British Gas on your Smartphone

To make registration, and manage our accounts simply and effectively, British Gas have a handy smartphone app that allows us to sort our payment details and submit meter reading wherever we are, so if I am out and about and stuck in a huge queue, I can pay a bill and save myself time later on.  That has to be good.

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