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Project 366 Day 8/365 – My fabulous lens cup.

This is the fabulous lens cup that I got for my birthday.  Ok, so it’s more of a Canon girls bag than a Nikon, but it really is quite cool.  The box it comes with is more realistic than the lens and without the coffee in it.  The man was convinced that someone has sent me a new lens (I wish).

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7 thoughts on “Project 366 Day 8/365 – My fabulous lens cup.

  1. What a clever gift idea for camera loving people! 😀

    1. It is rather sweet..

  2. Wow. I want one and I am a Canon girl although having said that I would be worried I might accidentally pour tea into my real lens when a bit tired and emotional

    1. the box is VERY realistic…..

  3. How clever is that? Love it 🙂

  4. My OH has this it’s so realistic isn’t it (when it isn’t open and full of tea or coffee of course!) . X

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