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Bloggers Saving Lives – Help Us Sponsor Children for #shareniger

Who says bloggers don’t get anything done?  Well not us, that’s for sure, we do have blogger power.

Parent bloggers have raised enough for 6 children so far, and are on the way to 7 children in Niger for the next year.  Help us do more and expand the network willing to help.  Lots of us can’t justify the whole price at over £20 a month each, so the sponsorships are being gathered in a way that almost everyone can afford to join in with.

A subscription for anything from £1 gives us some to add to the pot, or even just a one of donation of whatever you can afford gives enough to sponsor a child for a year when it is added into the pot.  Some bloggers are doing a child share and for £6 a month, they are committing to 1/4 a child each.  Two children have just donated for 1/4 of a child.  How fabulous is that.

#ShareNiger came about when blogger Sian To went to West Africa and the Niger region with World Vision.  The trip was shared among our community by blogging and tweeting, and the media picked up on the stories.

How could anyone fail to be moved by the plight of this lady trying to keep her whole family alive on the pack of baby food she is given to feed just one child.

I know you need to know more.  I have pledged and paid for my 1/4, if you can pledge anything, a family will live a little easier in the Niger region.  Supported by World Vision, and with promises from the Government to pledge £1 for every £1 we raise, Sian and Merry Raymond are gathering bloggers together to sponsor children in the deprived area Sian visited.

If you can’t afford to give money towards sponsoring a child, you could help to do your bit by retweeting or blogging and helping raise awareness among your own online community.  For anyone who read this far, thank you for reading, and lets see us get to 10 children with the support of social media.

If you can join in, click here to sponsor a child in Niger.

Sian To –  Share Niger Story

Chris Mosler – Vaccines One Year On 

Merry Raymond – how to join us and sponsor a child in Niger.


22 thoughts on “Bloggers Saving Lives – Help Us Sponsor Children for #shareniger

  1. I really admire you for being a role model to other bloggers. Just keep up the good work and continue this good deed!

  2. Thank you so much for getting involved with #ShareNiger, you post and support really make a difference.

    1. You’re welcome Sian x

  3. Great post about a wonderful cause x

  4. Thank you, truly, for following and supporting #ShareNiger and those experiencing the food crisis in West Africa. The blogging community are certainly a powerful voice when they work together!

    1. You’re welcome. It’s easy to forget how lucky we were to be born into a country where there are opportunities.

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