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Review: Niermann-Standby Beetle Table Light, sold by Wayfair UK

We were happily sent the Niermann- Standby Beetle Table Light from Wayfair’s range of lamps for children to review.

A delighted middler opened the box with glee.  I was slightly surprised that the lamp had come from Germany, but it did arrive very quickly, so I wouldn’t say that it was a problem at all.

Having a near teen who has special needs is often overlooked by many people.  He wants to be seen to keep up with his brothers and be “cool” and like the same things as them, but I know deep down that he really likes to watch “Big Cook Little Cook,” eat Smilie Potatoes and have toys for much younger children when other people aren’t around.

His bedroom is his private space so the things he really appreciates can live there.  The light in his eyes at opening this box was incredible.  I knew he was likely to be keen on it, but I was surprised to see the jumping up and down that came after the realisation of what he had been sent.

Lets get to the nitty gritty.


At over £57 the lamp isn’t cheap and nor is it big, with dimensions of 10cm H x 20cm W x 20cm D and only 1.5kg in weight.


For such a small bulb, this lamp packs a mighty punch.


I am impressed, I have to say.  The lamp is good quality and solid.   The cord has a slide switch on it to allow little fingers to switch the light on and off for themselves without having to go to a wall socket.  For what seems like a light lamp on paper, it certainly feels solid enough with it’s wood base.

Room for Improvement

With the build quality I have no suggestions as it really is a lovely lamp that any child would be delighted with, but I do have a couple of suggestions for the future.

1 – After realising it was sent from Germany, I was surprised to see there was only external packaging with the lamp.  The box was misshapen and had been battered a bit on the way to Scotland, but the lamp stood up to the rough treatment very well as there was no sign of damage.  To go such a distance, it might be better to have a box within a box for a little added protection.

2 – There is a large transformer attached to the lamp, which is to help overcome the problem of the difference in electrical systems.  It works fine and is a petty point, but I do feel it would have been a nicer touch to have had a UK plug fitted to go to a UK customer.

Overall Opinion

We love it.  Yes, it’s expensive, but when you see it, it looks and feels expensive. It is prized possession of a little boy who delights going to his bed every night with his Beetle for company.  Here is his lamp, in pride of place on the bedside cabinet, and it is not allowed to share it’s space with anything else.

Disclaimer sent us the Niermann Standby Beetle Table Light and allowed us to choose whether to review.

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  1. An excellent review. If I was marketing something I would ask you to review (I’m not though!)

    1. Thank you..

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