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Mothers Day Haul for the Scottish Mum Household from the Kids and Warner Bros.

Mothers day is a good day for some, and not such a good day for others.  Motherhood came to me by adoption, but a mother I am.  Warner Bros. came first with a fabulous box of feel good movies for me to watch (when the kids are not here) and sent through Doctor Zhivago, An American in Paris, Gone with the Wind and The Blind Side.

From the kids, came a lovely bunch of flowers, a box of Ferrero Roche chocolate, a little make up bag and a prettily decorated daffodil from my middle boy who made it at his special school.  The teachers had spent time to help him write out the card himself, and he is as proud as punch of it.

There were two little golden oscar chocolate figures in the Warner Bros. pack, of which one was a little broken, but it still ate well.

Yum said littlest who was a little worried at first by the gold coating, but it was tasty.

15 thoughts on “Mothers Day Haul for the Scottish Mum Household from the Kids and Warner Bros.

  1. Those cards are what makes it all worth while x

    1. The home made cards are lovely to get, so much work goes into them.

  2. Happy Mothers’ Day! Looks like your boys and WB truly spoilt you.

    1. The money value is not high, but the sentimental value from the kids is nice. x

      1. Nice haul, Kiddo! You truly ARE a mum to be honored today and every, single day to come. You are so very special. Enjoy all of life’s gifts!

        1. Thank you Lois. Thats a lovely comment. Is about time we had a catchup soon, and properly when kids are not around. Chicago time is so different to ours. Hope you are doing something nice today too.

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