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Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!

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Every time you spend money at Tesco, you build up points which will be converted to money off vouchers.  Your points build up in-store, online, at petrol stations, and even using the credit card.

When you have managed to collect 150 points, they are converted into a Clubcard voucher worth £1.50 which will be sent you in your Clubcard statement. The more points you collect, the more vouchers you’ll get back!  Your statement also contains money-off and extra points coupons for products and services that Tesco think you like.

You can spend your Clubcard vouchers in-store, at Tesco petrol filling stations, online at and at Tesco direct.  Simply use them at the checkout and their value will be taken off your shopping bill.

You can get even more from your vouchers by spending them on Clubcard rewards. They have hundreds to choose from, ranging from holidays to meals out, hotels to cinema tickets.   The Clubcard rewards scheme really is a Scottish Mum Blog favourite.

As a family, we have lots to be grateful to Tesco Clubcard Rewards for.  Before Christmas last year, they doubled the amount of vouchers I had built up over a couple of years and hadn’t yet spent.  It meant that I had £300 to spend on toys and games that I was not expecting, and made my boys very happy over the festive season.    

The promotions for offers such as double voucher rewards come and go very quickly, so you do need to keep an eye out for them coming around.

I am a Tesco customer so telling you about Tesco and their Clubcard Deals is an easy thing for me to do as I love the scheme.

Two years ago, I used Clubcard vouchers to visit Diggerland in Durham, which meant that we all got entry for a full day to the theme park, and the trip from Aberdeen to the Lake District was complete, as I had used vouchers to get entry to the South Lakes Animal Park. 

I have been surprised at how good the Tesco deals are.   I often use a few pounds of mine to buy some cinema tickets to treat the family to Cineworld movies as well.  We do build up our vouchers as the local petrol station is a Tesco one, and it means that our points add up with fuel purchases.

For some deals, every £10 of vouchers could give you 4 x the amount in value with the reward company.  The video shows you just how to claim your vouchers.

It is worth checking out the deals on offer and participating in the scheme.  I love being able to go online to my Clubcard account and checking how much I have to use.

I also use the IPhone Tesco Clubcard App and it has come in handy on the rare occasions I have been without my keychain with my clubcard on it in store – the staff simply swiped the barcode from my phone.

This year, I can’t decide whether to hold out for another deal like last Christmas, or to spend vouchers that come in on summer treats.  There are so many to choose from, and they are really good value.  What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!

  1. I love club card too as you know. It’s the only way we ever get to the cinema.

  2. I love the clubcard scheme, just a shame theres neither a store (well there’s a teeny one) or petrol station anywhere near. So most points built up online or rate trips to other side of Aberdeen.

  3. I always use it, and in fact have switched supermarket for my monthly delivery in order to take advantage of the clubcard +points. I switched my vouchers at Christmas for 4x the amount in Pizza Express vouchers, we have £140+ to use up by June, yum yum!

    1. I love my clubcard vouchers. This was easy to do for me as xmas here would have been pretty boring without the double money ones.

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