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Sand Art Home Packs from Kids Bee Happy

Sandra from Kids Bee Happy sent me some sand art packs to review.  My children whooped with delight considering they absolutely loved the sand art at our Christmas Party last year (that sounds such a long time ago).

The little packs come in boys or girls style pictures and the transformers and car pack was a huge hit here.

In the packs, there are 10 tubes of sand, two little sticker pickers to take the coloured paper off the picture to reveal the sticky bit to put the sand on to.   A sheet of instructions is very welcome and makes the project easy to follow, and with little pictures to show you what colours could be used, it is lots of fun.

These keep my kids happy for several hours, and they’ve enjoyed them thoroughly.  We found it easier to have a piece of white paper with a fold in it to shake the excess of each colour of sand on to.

Once they’ve shaken off the sand on to the paper, I can then slide what’s left back into the little bottle it came from so that it doesn’t get used up too quickly, and there seems to be plenty of sand with each pack to do all the sand art that’s needed.

There are little tabs and laminate pockets so that if you have a laminating machine, you can preserve the picture for the future.  I am just sad that our little trusty machine gave up the ghost a few weeks back.

That doesn’t stop them being popular though and the sand art pictures now adorn bedroom walls.   Once again, a lovely thank you from @kidsbeehappy on Twitter for such a fabulous experience.

You can buy them at Kids Bee Happy for £8.99 per pack.  Perfect for any birthday present, or just as a standby for rainy days.



6 thoughts on “Sand Art Home Packs from Kids Bee Happy

  1. Sand art? Show your creative side on these shape shifting canvas.

  2. Hi There

    I’m glad that you and your children all enjoyed the packs. One of the things that was really important to us was that there should be plenty of sand and lots of colours, so that the children really can colour in the pictures the way that they want to, rather than just having to use the sand that was left.

    I know what you mean about pictures on the wall, we have about 3 pictures in every room in our house – my girlies must have done over 300 pictures but they are always clambering for more. Infact, i’ve got 20+ kids coming over on Sunday afternoon!!


  3. We’ve got some, and I can’t wait to get started with the boys, who love doing arty and crafty things x

  4. These look fantastic x

  5. I like the look of these. How long does one picture take to do?

  6. They do look good. I loved the car one when it was done.

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