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Silent Sunday 28/8/11

8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 28/8/11

  1. What a beautiful instrument. I wish I could play one

    1. I am kind of hoping this one leads onto something a little nicer to listen to. My ears are burning already.

  2. Is that a cornet or a trumpet? Nice and shiny, my trombone is never that shiny!!

    1. It’s a cornet. They had to pick from 10 cases, and it was pot luck whether they got a cornet or a trumpet. They sound the same to me.

  3. i tried to play the trumpet once.. didn’t last too long lol

    1. I am hoping this phase doesnt last too long. What a noisy thing

  4. All buffed up and ready to go!

    1. Certainly is. The noise has driven me nuts this week. He just “has” to practice.

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