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Fabulous Food Find – HUGE Watermelon from Costco

Fabulous food find today was a HUGE – SEEDLESS watermelon from Costo in Aberdeen at £2.99.       Absolutely fabulous and the kids are hugely impressed with how much there is in the bowl after I sliced it all up to put it in the fridge for nibbles.

Watermelon works out at about 30 calories per 100g (according to my iphone diet calorie checker).    A whole kg worth of water melon would only set me back 300 calories.  Now that is a stomach filling prospect.



5 thoughts on “Fabulous Food Find – HUGE Watermelon from Costco

  1. Wow – I was there too – maybe we walked write past each other! Have just blogged about my Costco purchase!

    1. Leave me a twitter link if you have one. Perhaps we did pass by.

  2. Such a bargain and I do love watermelon, espacially in a salad with feta cheese. Mmmmmmm 😛

    Little Tums

    1. It’s lovely isn’t it. I have to say that the watermelon is done already.

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