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Operation Germ Avoidance

 I had arranged a twitter  meet up with my first ever real life tweeter for last week.  When that was cancelled, I decided that avoiding all crowds between then and this coming week would be sensible.   I decided not to go to kids club, football, or any public places where breathing in germs was more likely. 

Just to make matters worse, on Friday, middle son decided to wake up with a cold.  In typical “manflu” fashion, he is walking around the house, and delving into everything and anything in his annoyance at feeling slightly out of sorts.  Trying to keep my distance from him is an operation of gargantuan proportions.   I keep asking him to sit across the room from me, but not having school (long story), he is used to being beside me all the time, and coming over to talk to me.  He has a habit of talking right up at my face.   I’m putting my hand across my face, and he thinks it’s hugely funny.

At each sneeze, I send him through to wash his hands and then chase him around the house and wipe the door handles with dettol wipes.  My paranoia has reached epic proportions and I am tempted to go out and buy one of those non-helpful face masks that cover your nose and mouth.  


At the supper table last night, lovely “manflu” child decided to drink out of my glass when my back was turned getting seconds for my youngest.  I felt hugely relieved, and very smug that I spotted his deadly germ spreading efforts, and didn’t then go and finish my drink while ingesting the remnants of his germ filled saliva.

Why am i in operation germ avoidance?

Well, this is my second attempt to have the surgery that has been scheduled.  I got a bad cold at the last attempt, and had to cancel the day before the op.    The op is actually no big deal.  I seemingly had a broken nose, or a big thump on it when I was young, and the damage inside my nose has meant that the nostril is closing up over time.    I also have really bad sinus problems, so while they are in repairing the damage, I will be getting a sinus flush out.

I took it in my stride when I was told I was going  to be operated on at first, and didn’t think much about it – UNTIL – the nurse told me it was a 2.5 – 3 hour operation.   For some reason, I was expecting just a quick half hour and then back out and on with my day.   I just about fell off my seat in the shock.   Having an op on your face that is going to last 2.5 – 3 hours has turned me into a quaking germ avoiding wimp. 

I’m dreading beginning the signs of cold, infection, flu, or anything else that might cancel the op this time round, as that means, they will either think that I am deliberately cancelling at short notice, and give up on me, or I have to do the lead up time all over again. 

Which is why I have to post this, as I have just finished gargling and scrubbing like mad after my lovely son decided to come right up to my face to tell me something and delivered the biggest, most snot and germ throwing sneeze you can ever imagine right into my face.  

Operation germ avoidance is a #fail.

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2 thoughts on “Operation Germ Avoidance

  1. Hilarious in the telling, but not so much in the actual happening! I do hope you’re able to get on with the op finally! Hope you don’t wind up with black eyes as so many do after nasal surgery. And if you do, please post a photo! (Just kidding.) Hope it all goes well.

    1. Had the op – no photos being taken for at least another week!!!

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