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When Is The “Right” Time?

I sat down for ten minutes today, thinking about what I am going to blog about next, and it hit me that the only things coming into my head are the negative things.   If I sat and blogged about all the things that are bothering me, I would bore you silly, and you’d probably be rolling your eyes into the back of your heads.  I’ll leave those for another day.

Then I decided to tell you (again) about the huge positive thing in my life at the moment that keeps me sane.  I write, profusely.   If you read my blog, you are probably not surprised by that, as it is mentioned all over the place.

 I am finally finishing some of the projects that I started over the years when the kids were smaller.   Two are in revision stages, which I am loving, as these are nearing my pedestal state of “finished”.  I don’t yet know if they are any good or not, but I am happy with the achievement in getting this far, and keep adding to, and changing the plot to make them the kind of story I would love to read.  There is definately an art to finishing, and I am finally mastering it.

To keep my momentum going, I intend on self publishing my book of local language poems as I don’t believe a publisher will find these marketable.  The scottish population is too small for it to end up on any best seller list.  I am going to publish it though, and it will just be for the experience, and to be able to have my name on something that I have written publically.   I do intend to query the manuscript to a few agents as a tester for later in the year, and I am very very close to that.   The poems are just for fun, and my kids love reading them.

I haven’t yet entered any competitions, but I am planning to submit some short stories and poems this year.   I made the decision that this year, my work is going to go public, and if no-body likes it, then it can be revised until people do.  It has taken me a lot thinking and soul searching to be able to do this, and I am still quaking in my boots at the thought of going “public”.

Yours worriedly
Scottish Mum

2 thoughts on “When Is The “Right” Time?

  1. It sounds like the ‘right time’ is here 🙂 Best of luck, go get ’em!! Jen

    1. Thanks Jen.

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