Internet Safety Day & Online Games for Children

It was Internet safety day yesterday, and while I didn’t get to writing a post about it, I came across something that is aimed at children which worried me. I am pretty vigilant with my boys lives online, which is probably a bit hypocritical considering how large my own online footprint is these days, but […]

Direct Payments for Care of a Disabled Person – Worth it or not?

Some of you may not actually be aware of what direct payments are. Social services come out and assess a person with a disability or child to see what their care needs are.  From that, a parent (or the person with a disability) can be offered a set amount of hours per week that they […]

Adoption at Heart – The Beginning

Adoption Perfect Family

Saying goodbye to the fertility merry-go-round after three rounds of IVF and one donor cycle felt strangely liberating.   A long 12 months months later, we  climbed aboard the slow train to adoption. Approaching social services after my second round of fertility treatment proved fruitless.  They refused to allow us to embark until we were finished with fertility […]

Competition / Giveaway – Do you get travel sick? Sea Bands might help.


  When the lovely people at Sea Bands got in touch and asked me to review and giveaway some sets of their products, I jumped at the chance as my eldest suffers quite badly from nausea and queasiness when he is in the car. They arrived in a nice white padded envelope and my eldest […]

Fill In The Blanks !!!!! Meme

I have been tagged by @jontybabe AND @helloitsgemma on twitter.    They are getting me back for tagging them last week (only kidding). Fill in the blanks is as it sounds.  A list of words that I have to fill in the blanks of. I am…  Trying to be the best mum that I can be.  I know […]

Saving Education Services in Aberdeen – Cuts for ASN affect ALL Children

I’ve become aware of a campaign running to save services for ASN in Aberdeen.  What I have read so far is almost unbelievable.    Being a parent of ASN, this is something that affects me daily, and is an issue that affects all children in every class when PSA’s are taken away. I am not yet […]