Taking Care of our FEET


Did you know there are 26 bones and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments in our feet?   Don’t forget the 33 joints that hold them all together. This picture isn’t my feet, but look at them, and consider just how much work they do each and every day of our lives. Each one […]

Sponsored: Keeping Warm Over Winter

Electric Stove

The NHS states “Cold homes have a significant impact on people’s health.  One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during the winter is to stay warm.” Keeping warm can help us cut down on our risk of health problems like cold, flu and even heart problems.    Last year, we had almost a […]

Living With Endometriosis On A Day To Day Basis


Living with a chronic disease means that we have to take control of how we live with it daily.  Endometriosis is a condition that affects up to 10% of the female population and can cause chronic pain, infertility and heavy periods. Endometriosis is a very personal journey.  Life with endometriosis, which is a chronic (long-term) […]

Are Artificial Food Colourings REALLY Bad?

Food Colouring

Looking at the ingredients labels on bottles tins and cans when my kids were little would have me literally scream inside and look around carefully for the bad mother halo replacement to be plonked on my head if I chose to feed them something with horrific artificial content. I’d plonk the offending food items back […]

Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) / or Wibbly Wobbly Joints As We Know It


Two of my boys have hypermobile joints.  You know the ones that can turn their elbows inside out, or stick out their shoulder blades at completely stomach churning angles.  One of mine can do that. Littlest can turn his feet to direct opposites of each other. In simple terms, hypermobility is the ability to move […]

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – Why would women put their daughters off having the vaccine?

Jo's cervical cancer trust

http://vimeo.com/10110907 Cervical Cancer Prevention week is: 20 – 26 January 2013 I really had to get involved with this one. I really had no right to let it go past. I’m not going to go in detail with the symptoms of cervical cancer as this is prevention week, but if you want to find out […]

Did you drink alcohol when you were pregnant? Do your kids misbehave? Read on..

Pregnant and Alcohol

Ok, the Daily Mail isn’t my favourite newspaper and this is one topic that will always be close to my heart (and the blog).   That aside, a friend showed me an article from today on page 15. In a nutshell, it is talking about the prevalence of children in our society who are affected […]

The potential of obese or unhealthy to be punished by benefit cuts.


I have to say, the article on the BBC News site made me chuckle at first in how ridiculous it was, but then I read it again, and realised they were serious.  I’ve no doubt the header saying simply “Obese may face cut to benefits.” is intended to draw the reader in.  It does so […]

Guest Post from Cancer Research Uk: Tips for Surviving the Flu Season


Autumn is officially upon us now – we’ve dug our winter coats out, turned up the heating and said goodbye to our sunnies for a while. And with the new season, it is inevitable that soon enough we shall all be under threat from colds and flu. But how can we prepare for this and […]

Why is Baby Food so popular?


Baby food seems to be an emotive subject.  I stated my opinion on it on twitter, and I was rapidly unfollowed by 4 mum bloggers.  Who knew that baby food mums took it so seriously.    Nobody said anything in defence of baby food which was surprising, but there were plenty of us who think that jars (and […]

Thinking Slimmer and the Future of Suggestion Therapy

I think it is about time that I updated my Thinking Slimmer #slimpod journey. I am now coming up to 5 weeks on the programme.  Many of you will have heard a lot about Thinking Slimmer by now, and all about the bloggers who are trialling the mp3 pods that give us the power of […]

Thinking Slimmer – A New Challenge


Thinking Slimmer contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out one of the podcasts that they have to help people to lose weight without dieting.  As a blogger, I was aware of the original mum bloggers who trialled the system and I have keenly watched their progress.  The programme consists of […]

ADHD Mythological Pathways


After seeing a few tweets and posts surrounding ADHD and the stereotypical way they have been described, I feel compelled to “right” what I see as a wrong. ADHD is a condition that affects the brain. There is a chemical called dopamine in the brain. In ADHD children, that chemical is lacking or low. It […]