Featured Guest Post: 7 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Baby Computer

The internet is a wonderful way for our children to learn and play.  But as every parent knows, it can be a dangerous place too.  Even if you lock your security settings as tightly as possible, you can still download viruses and be targeted by spammers and scams. There’s an even riskier human element to…

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Guest Post from Cancer Research Uk: Tips for Surviving the Flu Season

Autumn is officially upon us now – we’ve dug our winter coats out, turned up the heating and said goodbye to our sunnies for a while. And with the new season, it is inevitable that soon enough we shall all be under threat from colds and flu. But how can we prepare for this and…

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Guest Tutorial: Make a Colourful Autumn Tree Decoration


How to make an Autumn / Winter  tree decoration Unfortunately summer has gone, now it is time to celebrate Autumn and the coming of winter. Bring some colour to those grey days with this beautiful fun tree decoration craft activity tutorial by Stacey for Cutfoam, which the kids will love making.   The tree shape…

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Featured Guest Post: 5 Reasons Girls Should Be Playing Sports

A featured guest post from Simon, writing for Banana Moon ————————————————————————- We all know playing sports is a great way to get some exercise, and having fun while doing so is an additional benefit. But there is a distinct difference between the number of girls and boys playing sports. Up to 70% of boys participate…

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Featured Guest Post: 8 Free Fun Activities for Mums to have with Toddlers

Featured Guest Post from Agnese Geka from Agnese Geka – blogger and online marketing consultant for SurveyCompare.net, which is UK’s biggest guide through market research companies providing opportunity to earn extra money by working from home.  For the latest news updates follow them on twitter and facebook. ———————————————- How to have Fun with an Empty Purse Seen through a toddler’s eyes,…

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Unpicking Parenting Ideology: understanding the power of ‘memes’, by Shanta Everington

Baby's First Year

A guest post today from Shanta Everington.  I know what I think of the methods of some parenting gurus, but we all have to make up our own minds without influencing others, don’t we.  An interesting piece, from a writer who is passionate about choice.  Shanta Everington is the author of four published books, including…

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Guest Post: Redecorating your child’s bedroom on a budget.

This is a lovely featured guest post with some handy tips on redecorating a child’s bedroom. —————————————————————————————— As parents we’d love to give our kids the best of everything, but unfortunately more too often our hearts say one thing and our purse strings another. As our children grow older one thing that must also grow…

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Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Best of British Show in aid of The ARCHIE Foundation – 25th May 2012

Best of British Fashion Show Poster

I’m happy to host this guest post from the fashion management students at my old Uni, The Robert Gordon University, who are raising money for The ARCHIE Foundation for children. ——— Since it began in 2008 the annual charity fashion show at Robert Gordon University has raised tens of thousands of pounds for deserving charity…

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Guest Recipe : Meatball and Okra Casserole


This guest recipe comes to you from Leila of @persianliving on Twitter.  Her blog is worth a visit as it grows with lovely Iranian style cooking.  You can find her recipes at: persianliving.co.uk My favourite vegetable of late is the flavourful and aromatic Okra, otherwise known in the West as Ladies Fingers or Gumbo. In…

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Guest Recipe: Sloppy Joes Burger by Claire T

This Guest Recipe from Claire, aka ninjakillercat.blogspot.com/ and @needaphone on Twitter sounds amazing. Sadly Claire didn’t manage to take a photograph, so that means that I will just have to go and make it so that I can get one.  I’m sure my boys will love giving it a try. ———————————- The trick to this recipe is to…

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Guest Recipe: Seafood Broth from Graeme Taylor


Guest Recipe from Graeme Taylor of Scots Larder, and also found on Twitter as @scotslarder ——————————————— I love seafood, you can’t beat it for freshness, flavour and for sheer enjoyment of experimentation and it goes so well with so many ingredients, it complements chorizo, and the fresh herbs and white wine make it zing. It’s also…

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Guest Recipe : The Best Carrot Cake in the World “ever” from Lindsey Cave


A lovely Guest Recipe from Lindsey, who you can find on Twitter as @MrsVanderCave, with her blog at backofbeyondbaking.blogspot.com.  That topping is perfection by the look of it. ——————————– This recipe is actually for a carrot cake but it makes a big cake which can sometimes be a bit OTT, particularly if you like to watch…

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