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The Royal Wedding Announcement – What do I think?

There has been much in the news about the royal wedding between Catherine (Kate)  Middleton, and Prince William.  This has been on the cards for years, and even the proposing Prince has said that he would be around 28 – 30 before he married.   It has not come as a shock to anyone to hear the announcement we have all been expecting.

I am not much of a royalist, and I probably won’t see much of the coverage of the wedding, although I probably will sneak a peek at THE dress.  I turned the TV off at one point yesterday due to overkill of the TV and have not bought a newspaper for the same reason.    

Saying that, I don’t mind the coverage at all.  Not one jot.  I have several reasons for this, and I’ll tell you why.

  1. I like the fact that the Prince and Kate have kept things undercoverish up to now, and have been able to have a private relationship.
  2. The coverage is not their fault, and solely the product of editors and production crews trying to make a living out of selling a fairytale.
  3. It gives a lot of people the feel good factor to know that in this recession, there will be a royal wedding to look forward to.

The biggest thing that makes me not mind the coverage is far too big to mention as a 1 of 4. 

I remember the day that the announcement came over the radio to say that Princess Diana had died.  I was coming home from work, and driving at the time.  Despite never being much of  a fan of royalty, the pit of my stomach sank with the news.  I can’t explain the reaction as I have never been a royal watcher, and I have never forgotten it.   Don’t get me wrong, I was not one of the bereft, but I was definately affected by her death.  I have never before, or since, been affected by any celectrity or public figure who has passed on. 

I caught the news as Diana’s funeral procession was moving to Westminster Abbey, and I saw two young boys who had lost their mum.  Whatever anyone else thought of her, she was their mum.    Since becoming a mum, the feeling of watching that moment has meant much much more.

Kate Middleton has a difficult pair of footsteps to follow in.  Will it last?   Who are we to even speculate on that, it is their business and not ours.  The amount of money their wedding will take in for our economy is likely to be huge, so the expense and the extravagance of it will be highly justified from all parties. 

Whether the ring was a good idea or not is not my place to say, but it shows the depth of his feeling for his new bride to be that he has parted with what is likely to be a precious keepsake. 

To Prince William and his bride to be, Kate – I wish all the best in the world.    I may not watch much of it, because I’ll be working, blogging, writing, being a mum or on twitter, but I will sneak a peek.

THE question I really want an answer to as part of the coverage, is:

Will the royal wedding day be announced as an extra public holiday for the UK population?

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