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“Men Behaving Badly”

A lot of you will probably find this just a little strange, especially if you are under a certain three score and five age bracket.  I have recently discovered the TV series Men Behaving Badly.

There are not many comedians who make me laugh, but Billy Connolly does it.  It must be the scottish connection, but I just don’t get the Michael McIntyre comedians of the moment.   Again, it’s probably the scottish thing, and the age thing.

I’ve watched many comedy programmes, and although I’ve liked a few of them, very few have made me laugh.  I really, really detest canned laughter, and I tend to switch off at the first sign of a pretend audience screaming in the background.

A few weeks ago, I switched on my TV and heard the dreaded canned laughter, and in the process of switching off, I heard a line that made me giggle.  I sat down and swallowed my annoyance at the braying in the background and thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics.

Now I am a fan.  I still wish they would get rid of the canned laughter, but I have had a few well needed chuckles over the last few weeks. 

And if Billy Connolly ever decides to send me free tickets to a show as a reviewer, I’ll be there in a jiffy.