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Surviving the School Holidays

I wish to issue apologies to the person who coined the phrase “you can’t scare me, I have children”. I have no idea who originally wrote it, but it is the sentence which is on the fridge magnet that I was given as a gift, and it is a good way for me to think about how to move forward for what seems to be the endless school holidays.

If there is one thing that I have learned with having three children so close together, it is really not to worry about the little things.  I don’t know who said “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but I am thankful for whoever it was, every day of every holiday we have from school.

I have one child who needs to survive with very clear boundaries, however, and for the sake of peace, the rest of the family need to work around this as much as possible.  To help survive the holidays, focusing on these tips has served me well.

  1. Plan to get out of the house every day.  Even it if it just a walk around the block, or to spash in puddles, or go a nature hike, or just to go feed the birds, get outside.
  2. Housework can wait.  Spend time with your little cherubs and do things that they enjoy doing.  It takes the pressure off if they feel special and loved.
  3. Plan for easy and quick meals that you can work around, and have your little cherubs help to make something themselves if they are able to.
  4. Do exercise with your children.  They love it, and mumma gets fit.  It can be swimming, cycling, snowboarding, table tennis, birdwatching, raspberry picking. 
  5. Make something with your children.  Most little cherubs love crafts.  Draw, paint, make some noise, make Christmas cards, birthday cards for friends, Christmas decorations for later in the year, Halloween outfits.  The list is endless.
  6. Find a way to get some “me” time during the holidays. 
  7. Don’t get angry over petty arguments.  Ignore them and move forward.
  8. Don’t expect children who are used to nursery and school routines  be able to automatically cope well with endless days of no structure.

The list of suggestions of things that we can all do to smooth over any school holiday period is endless.   On our next holiday from school, little cherubs of the house will be making bread, walking in the rain, and hopefully not arguing too much.

And lastly, for the seriously holiday challenged parent with plenty of spare cash, there is always the option of holiday camps.