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Just how much does “free” state school at point of entry cost?

I thought I’d actually add up the kids mandatory costs at school.

I’m planning keeping a running total in my sidebar to show just how much school costs have been so far.  It may be quite surprising in the end.  My kids are at three different schools.  One is in primary, one in secondary, and one is in a special school.  I’m going to keep the school costs separate, so I know how much each school asked for and got.

It includes parts of the school uniform bought from the school, as there is no option to buy cheaper elsewhere.

It does not include the extras like lunches, shoes, bags, pens and pencils etc, as these are pretty much things kids need wherever they go.

For August, the total is:

Special School

£25 – school jumpers
£5 – snack
£1.50 –  Raffle

Total: £31.50


£67  – jacket 2 jumpers, 2 polo shirts
£6      – school trip

Total : £73


£75   – hoodie, 2 jumpers, 2 polo shirts
£13   –  home economics
£4     – language workbook

Total : £92

Grand Total of money paid to free schools for August:  £196.50