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Eastenders Plot – Ronnie, and Baby Swapping

On twitter last night, there was a lot of outrage at the storyline of Eastenders and what they have done to Ronnie.  She has already been through the lost one child, found it again, only to lose it, and then miscarriages.   

They show Ronnie whose baby has suffered a cot death, and then almost instantly going to the Vic and swapping the infant for Kat and Alfies’.

I can see what I think the writers are trying to do, and they seem to have been putting Ronnie through the mill so they can have the female breakdown, and inevitably the post natal depression type scenario that may possibly be the reason for her swapping her baby almost immediately with the baby from the Vic. 

The Vic  baby is the one who is conveniently sleeping alone, in an upstairs room, a day after it’s birth, with no supervision.   It also seems that anyone and everyone can gain access to the upstairs of the pub.

We all know that soaps exaggerate storylines for effect, and for ratings, but they have missed a fabulous opportunity to educate the public on the worries, effects and aftermath of cot death.  The storyline surrounding the babyswapping seems ridiculous to any mother who has spent time with her newborn, and who would notice it was not her baby.   The only people that babies all look alike to are those who have never had, or looked after any.

Perhaps the storyline is going to change and perhaps Kat will notice that the baby in the cot is not actually hers, but whichever way it is going, it seems to be so ridiculous a plot surrounding serious issues, as to be a pathetic attempt at gaining viewing stats for something that is bound to cause panic in the mind of many a new mother. 

Instead of  gaining and keeping viewers, this just may lose the BBC many of them.   

You should have asked the bloggers BBC.  They might have helped you with how to deal with it, and make it compelling viewing and put the minds of new mothers at rest at the same time.