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Teen Breakthrough – A New Event for Teenagers in the October Holidays in Aberdeen and Shire

This is the press release for today, and has come out from a very good friend of mine.  She has just launched a fantastic programme of events for teenagers in our local area, to help equip them with a valuable skill set for their future lives and careers.

I wholly support what Teen Breakthrough has set out to achieve, and I believe those first 100 teens to jump on board are going to have a fabulous time.  Please spend a little time to read about what is on offer and pop over to the Teen Breakthrough website to find a little more about it.

If you have a teen and live in Aberdeen, make sure you know about it, and even if you don’t have a teen, please pass it on to help spread the word.


Teen Breakthrough Ltd announces the launch of a new groundbreaking school holiday event in October, for teenagers in Aberdeen and beyond. 

By Theresa Day

27th September 2012

Teen Breakthrough Ltd., today announces premium places for the first ever, groundbreaking coaching mentoring and training event in the UK, “Revolution 2012.”  Life skills and motivational experiences will include fun and interactive speakers, games, music, team tasks and interaction.

From 15th – 19th October, 100 lucky teens will have 5 action packed days, learning life skills and tools to help them transform from needy young people, into balanced and confident young adults.

Teen Breakthrough aims to help teens through influences and challenges, including depression, low self-esteem, low confidence, bullying, body image, career anxiety, drug and alcohol influences.

Boasting an enviable line up of well-respected local talent, and bursting with activity and fun for teens in Aberdeen, “Revolution 2012” features:

Andrew Gordon Butchery and Fine Foods in Chattan Place

Andrew Gordon is delighted at the prospect of sharing his journey to give Teens inspiration and proof that anything is possible if you are passionate about what you do!

David Lloyds Leisure & Spa

Fitness instructor Carol and her team of instructors will allow the teens to experience the power of fun workouts!

Fifth Dimension

Fun and creativity are powerful tools.  With that in mind, and with a unique delivery style, Magically Enhanced Training™, uses humour and magic as a visual aid to learning and team development.

Mike MacDonald

Mike is a certified personal trainer, nutritional consultant, health & lifestyle blogger, and public speaker.

With a belief that the journey is as important as the goal, Mike will share wise words and guidance around his belief that traits, skills and abilities can be grown and developed through consistent action.

Graeme Pyper

Graeme Pyper has worked in the field of Human Potential Coaching for over two decades.  Graeme will give teens the opportunity to Breakthrough from doubts and transform themselves into believing they are capable of turning dreams into reality.  This will be action packed but no glass or fire will be involved.

About Teen Breakthrough Ltd

Teen Breakthrough is an Aberdeenshire based coaching, mentoring and training company which focuses solely on the teenage phase of our developing youth.

Teen Breakthrough is owned and managed by Theresa Day, a Life coach who is passionate about what she creates with her clients.  Arriving in Aberdeen in 2007 with her family, she began a coaching business in June 2009.  Teen Breakthrough was a dream which has taken shape over 18 months to make the difference in the lives of young people.

Teen Breakthrough promises to give value to the local economy by empowering our teenagers, and providing essential tools to help them with their future choices.

To learn more about Teen Breakthrough, “Revolution 2012” on October 15th – 19th at Trinity Hall, in Aberdeen, or to book a space for your teen, visit:


Theresa Day

Telephone: 01467 671493