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The Royal Victim: Whose fault? The Leveson Effect?

With all the news about the newish Mrs Windsor and her hyperemesis gravidarum, or rather extra ordinary green gilled morning sickness to everyone else,  it isn’t a surprise that someone, somewhere, was going to try and pull a stunt to get information about her, or the family.

I find it a little outrageous that the two Australian DJ’s are being pilloried as monsters in need of punishment for their royal prank, but I do find their behaviour sickening, in poor taste and reprehensible.  Did they do something illegal?  Probably.  Impersonating the Queen sounds like it should be illegal.

With all the fuss over the Leveson, I really don’t see the difference to be honest.  Someone impersonated someone else, to find out information they were not entitled to have.  End of story.

Just because they weren’t journalists working on some massive newspaper, or even in this country doesn’t give it any more credence to me than hacking someone’s phone.

The end result is the same – access to information that they have no right to have.  The Leveson might only affect British journalism, and it might not.  I wasn’t really interested enough to read it word for word, but I don’t see the principle as any different.

The humiliation of anyone on the end of a prank like that is incredible.  If you’ve never been pranked, you wouldn’t know how it feels.  I have.  It stinks.   It’s nothing more than legalised bullying for profit when it is done for TV programmes or radio broadcasts.  I’d like to see the end of them.

I’m not talking about the ones where peoples cars go missing and they turn up remodelled.

I’m talking about the ones that affect a person’s life.  Being humiliated should never be misjudged.  It can have a devastating effect.

It’s nothing but legalised bullying to me.  They didn’t prank Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, or the Royal Family – realistically, just how much information can you get about someone being sick?  It’s either she’s been sick, or she’s feeling a bit better.  Big woop.

They pranked the women who answered the phone.  Who knows, the suicide may have happened anyway, but being humiliated sure isn’t going to help someone feel better about themselves.

It’s just another Leveson type issue to me and it’s got nothing to do with being royalist or not.  All humiliating pranks should be made illegal.

If that makes me a stick in the mud, then I am proud to be one.