What is wrong with a label?


What is in  a label? If I had a £ for everyone who said that they didn’t want their child labelled, I’d be doing quite nicely by now thank you.   I have to wonder why we have such an aversion to labels, or names, or public affirmation of issues.   Many do accept the […]

Disability Injustice and Cuts to Services

I was absolutely astounded to read the case of  Riven Vincent, but not surprised. In case you have not yet heard of her, or read the news over the last couple of days, she has asked social services for residential care for her daughter, as she can no longer cope at home.    She asked for additional […]

Christmas and New Year – The Reality


 Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net I don’t like my life.  I am not ashamed of that, but I do appreciate it is difficult for some people to hear or identify with.    And this may be an uncomfortable post for some to read, both for those with and without children who have disabilities, but it shouldn’t […]