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My Christmas Message, and the #Reverse Advent

This year, since I’ve been delving into video for the first time ever, I recorded a simple message, rather than typing it up and sending it out to you all on e-mail.  It’s quite poignant, that we’re helping out a family member who needs it, but doesn’t ask for it, and we were asked to participate in the #ReverseAdvent from the Co-op.  It seems fitting to share them both.

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For the reverse advent, it’s quite a lovely idea.  They sent us a cardboard box, and a £5 voucher to get us started.  I’m planning giving mine to the family member coming for lunch on Christmas Day, but who has no ability to cook for himself.  He has a kettle and toaster, and that’s it.  Any food I give him, has to be easily eaten, and from  a packet, jar, tin or bottle, so he goes through a fair few pot noodles, and has no access to a fridge.  We’ve bought him some clothes for a present, and given this is a brand initiative, he’ll happily take the box of goodies from me, even though I’m buying, whereas he might refuse if he thinks it is simply us feeling sorry for him.

When you think of it, there isn’t much to be had in the way of nutrition when someone can’t cook, and my choices for the box, are things I know he will either eat or drink.  Spending money on food he won’t touch, doesn’t benefit him in the slightest, so be very forgiving when you see what I have included by Christmas day.

This is my start off, as I’m a few days late to the challenge, and I’ve chosen to let him have the £5 voucher, to allow him to choose something he wants from the Co-op, for himself.

If you want to do something similar yourself, try and keep away from age restricted products, like cigarettes and tobacco, and keep items to those which are non-perishable, as it lets your recipient enjoy them when they need to use them, instead of having a close use by date.

Think about toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, a toothbrush etc, as they are all necessities, and perhaps long life milk etc, if it’s for someone who can’t get access to a fridge, where smaller packs of long-life products are more appropriate, to allow for less need to use it all up quickly, before food goes off.  With the long life milk, I can also add sugar and cereal, which will be two of my entries for later this month.

I’ll post again when we’re closer to Christmas Day, but you can keep up with daily pictures on my Twitter.  @scottish_mum  and check out everyone else who is also doing it at #ReverseAdvent  on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook of the Co-op too.  Perhaps your local food bank would like a donation, and it’s a lovely idea for Christmas Day, as someone, somewhere will have an incredible day because of it.

#payitforwards  #feelgoodaboutchristmas

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