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If Dreams Came True – The Blurb

Some of you will know I’ve pretty much finished my manuscript.  I keep re-reading looking for typos but here’s a bit of a hint.


If Dreams Came True

Alpha parents, secrets, designer dresses and forbidden love.

Cassie feels lonely and devastated.  She’s been a single mother since the deaths of her selfish husband and unconventional mother.  Fate steps in and gives nearly broke Cassie a second chance.  Instead of settling into a seedy bed and breakfast, she returns with a new identity to Dunessan in the Scottish Borders, the village where she grew up as the bullied and belittled Casey Christie.

An epic parental fail leads Cassie to encounter Jesse Martin, an Australian doctor at the local hospital.  Finding a disastrous family secret blows apart the budding romance and confuses feelings for Gary Davidson, the popular heart throb of her teens, while alpha parents dump their workload in her lap.

Who’s Cassie’s stalker, how much danger is she in, what’s the connection to Jesse Martin, and can Cassie pull off the impossible for her local school?

9 thoughts on “If Dreams Came True – The Blurb

  1. Sounds full of interest and intregue

  2. Sounds fab, looking forward to reading it hon x

  3. Oh amazing. It sound just up my street. I’d love to read it.

    1. Thank you very much x

  4. I’m looking forward to reading this. Hope it’s out soon. xxxxx

  5. WOW! – can’t wait for this to be published, I will be first in the queue for pre- order. :))

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it when it’s out.

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