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What Kids Say – The Boy / Girl Debate

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I’ve spoken about what kids say a few times and I think most of us get a red face now and then.

We walked littlest home from school a while ago and middler was at home so he had to tag along.  At nearly 12, he’s getting tall which is what makes things a bit difficult sometimes.

One of the girls in littlest class who is really nice seems to have a  South American mum with elder half brothers who seem to have recently arrived.   I’m just guessing and it might not be anything like that, but it sets the scene.  The family, including the parents dress in a punk style with lots of ear rings, ripped and biker clothes with very heavy make-up.

I think two brothers came to pick up the sister and middler couldn’t keep his eyes off them. One of the boys was very tall and with very long dark hair, back combed for height at the crown.  With slim hips and legs, he walked in a very feminine way.   He looked  like a beautiful young boy from the front and a tall statuesque female model walking on a runway from the back.

Middler was completely confused and loud as you like, when the boy was about 5 feet in front of us, middler spouts “mum, he looks a girl”

Trying to shush middler, I realised he has led a sheltered life as far as the outside world is concerned, but now also concerned about how the boy would take it.   Toddlers in big bodies tend not to get much cutting when they make a boob of things.

Graciously, the boy turned round, flashed him a huge grin and uttered the unexpected “thanks” word.  I have absolutely no idea if the boy was grateful or being sarcastic and middler still talks about the boy/girl in complete wonderment.

That’s where the danger area is for a lot of special needs kids kids as they grow.  People generally love to take offence if someone else mentions a difference they have and jump on the outraged bandwagon when there actually is no malice involved at all and just an observation.

There isn’t any way to tell a brain damaged person from a brain advantaged one until you talk to them for a few minutes, so the potential for them to be labelled racist, sexist or worse can be very high.

I think I need to get a few hard hats and masks for safety for all of us as he gets bigger as not everyone is as understanding or as gracious.

6 thoughts on “What Kids Say – The Boy / Girl Debate

  1. Eeek! Good job he took it well. Perhaps he is actually waiting for the op? 😉

    1. Goodness knows, but he could have taken it badly. Thankful for small mercies.

  2. think is we spend their young lives teaching them to tell the truth…..and then their older years teaching them decorum and white lies. No wonder teenagers are confused creatures

    1. I know. It’s so confusing a life for them. My kids struggle with white lies. They don’t see the difference between those and bare faced lies.

    2. Just tried to comment on your blog but I think you got about 5’comments of nowt. Will try later on a different device 🙁

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