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Jobsworth Ego Maniac, Bossy & Bullying People

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I’ve recently come into contact with a couple of local jobsworths that have the potential to have me banging my head on a brick wall for completely different reasons.

To start with, I find it REALLY frustrating to see someone paying really good money for absolutely rubbish work.   I saw a website today, and to be honest, it should never have gone live like that.   I hope the business didn’t pay too much money for it because they got ripped off, but it’s none of my business so I’m not sure why it even registers in my brain.

Back to the jobsworths.  I am trying to get a project off the ground that depends on the support of 2 other people.  I have tried nicely, tried offering help and much more.  I even pretended to be a total airhead to one so that they wouldn’t feel threatened by my bypassing them when there was absolutely no indication of any support of any kind going to come my way.

I’ve schmoozed with the best of them to massage bent egos, and still I am not managing to get any further forward.  Any  mention of “change” sends them running screaming, or finds their fingers unable to contemplate writing down any of the points we have very amicably agreed over the course of a series of phone calls.

That pales into insignificance with the Government psycho babbling bullies of the Tory and Lib Dem Alliance.  Taking money away from the disabled and the sick is a step further than even Mrs Thatcher was prepared to go.   The PR spin on the Welfare Rights Bill was dramatic and astounding.     It concentrated on weeks of coverage of people who were pretending to be sick to get benefits.

Cuts to :

  • Single parents who need to use the CSA because working partners won’t pay willingly.
  • Disabled children through the disability element of child tax credits (only working families get this).
  • Cancer sufferers will be limited to 1 year to recover, or they lose money.

The Lords tried to make 7 amendments to the bill that would have protected the people who struggle the most.  The Government just cackled in their faces by using an obscure financial privilege clause.  How low could they go?

Does anyone care?

Not enough.

The only ones who care are the ones who are either disabled, have family members who are disabled, or their friends and carers.

The Lib Dems and Mr Cam pledged that the vulnerable would not suffer under their Government, but they will.

The people who voted ayes to overturn the amendments that the Lords advised included an MP who was involved in the expenses scandal.

Some jumped up Lord might think that families earning £9000 a year won’t miss a drop of £1500 a year in their budget, but the realists of us know better.

In reponse to that:

I hereby propose that all the aye voters and their families should swap homes with a struggling family with disabled children and live in their homes with the small budget they will have to learn to live on.  They would need to look after disabled family members (and go out to work to make up the shortfall), to get a real taste for how much difference that £1500 a year makes to people with very little.

This new life skill for Politicians, MP’s and Lords would be an extended life skill course that lasts for am minimum of 6 months prior to being eligible for any position in the political arena.

I’m not linking this one up to other bloggers posts, as it really is a get it all out there and say my piece, while being completely self indulgent to get it off my chest type of blog post.

And now, I feel much better……



18 thoughts on “Jobsworth Ego Maniac, Bossy & Bullying People

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m so disillusioned by our whole political system and sick to the back teeth of the Government’s constant, prolonged attack on the members of our society who most need our care and attention, while the most fortunate members of our society (from a financial perspective) continue to be pandered to. Grrrrr.

  2. I know there are people who abuse the system and take more than they need or deserve, but I’m sure someone with any common sense could work out reforms that don’t penalise the GENUINE vulnerable in society. Disgusting.

  3. Absolutely! I would love to see those politicians who have never had to live on less than a few grand a month try and live on as little as those with disabilities live on. I would like them to walk a mile in my sons footsteps. He does not have a lot of prospects and has minimum dla and pays 30 pound a week rent!! They make me so angry!

  4. Don’t get me started. Britain is going to the dogs… that is all as otherwise I will be writing all night!!!

  5. I think we all know people like that.

    1. Several lol x

  6. i can totally understand why you were annoyed.

    1. I thought you would.


  7. Crystal Jigsaw said it I think that nobody seems to care unless it affects them. Is sad as most of us come across the need for help at some time in our lives.

    1. For most, I suspect it will be too late by the time they need the help and join the rest of us.

  8. You’re right, no one does care unless they’re directly affected. I’ve even blogged about it myself today because I’m tired of trying to raise awareness to this increasingly ignorant society. It’s as though people think the word “disabled” is contagious, if they read something that remotely suggests a condition, illness or a disability, they will get it themselves.

    CJ x

    1. Thank you. So few people even care that is incredible. Look at the news, TV and anywhere other than the #wrb and you’d think that all these people who are going to be affected don’t even exist.

      It is a scary prospect, this road that we are going down. And with that, I am off to have a bar of chocolate to lift my flagging enthusiasm for anything to do with councils, politicians and media hacks.

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