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10 Ways to Be a Blogging Diva

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As I chatted “boasted” about my status on Twitter the other day, and decided to update my status “sell my blog”, I thought about Diva-esque behaviour among bloggers.

Indeed I am guilty of Diva like behaviour on occasion, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity that it gave me to list my 10 favourite online Diva behaviours.

I am not telling you which ones I am guilty of, now that would be telling…..

Here is the quickest way to be a fashionable blogging Diva.

Have fun:

  1. Blogging – expect people to read your blog and comment on it, but never read or comment on anyone else’s blog  – unless they are a celebrity or a PR that can send you nice goodies.
  2. Blogging – only do product reviews and sales pitches because you are so awesome that nobody else deserves to know anything about you.
  3. Blogging – complain about free services that you don’t have to use when you don’t get high enough ratings.
  4. Blogging – complain about how few people are commenting on your blog, but you get high reader stats – they are obviously in too much awe of you to leave a comment.
  5. Blogging – pretend that you don’t blog for statistics or readers and that you only blog for yourself – a private diary is just soo old hat.
  6. Twitter – haughtily take the hump if anyone unfollows you.
  7. Twitter – commonly unfollow everyone that has a different opinion to you, and take the hump when they dare to ask why so you can get the sympathy vote with your own followers.
  8. Twitter – often complain when people ask you to follow them back.  Twitter is nearly a one way street to a good Diva.
  9. Twitter – don’t reply to everyone who @mentions or @directmessages you.  Celebrity “Divas” cherry pick replies for good effect
  10. Twitter – celebrity name drop and try to win status by pretending to have status  – it might rub off on you.

I love the Divas, it makes our circle complete.  Which Divaesque behaviours are your favourites?  What do you think?   Feel free to add ones I’ve missed below.


14 thoughts on “10 Ways to Be a Blogging Diva

  1. Ooooh, that actually felt a bit close to the mark! I certainly ‘know’ a few divas, as you have seen on my post!
    Not you though – you are lovley *sucks up* 😉

    1. Thank you kind lady… Accepts the “sucking up” graciously.

  2. Love it.

    Please can I add “criticising someone else in a snippy and unpleasant manner when they don’t perform perfectly at social media all the time, like, for example, over pimping a post”.

    Thanks, I feel better for that!

  3. I’m definitely not a diva – though some might disagree – but i do know a few who could almost fit the remit…

  4. You forgot: “Assume every post about blogging or bloggers is ACTUALLY about you, because, let’s face it, the world is ALL about you.”

    Wait. This post isn’t about me, is it?

    1. Haha, no – thats me, isn’t it – or is it?

  5. I’ve got a couple more for you Scottish Mum – 1)Accuse anyone who has a different opinion of cyber-bullying behaviour and threaten to stop following them on Twitter. 2)Promote your own blog posts but never promote anyone else’s – you just don’t need the hassle of giving it back. 3) Laugh at those newbies who expect *you* to read their silly little blog. Who do they think they are? It was so much better when it was the old crowd who knew what was what 4)suck up to those bloggers who feature on the 1-10 places of the Top Tots 100. Throw in thousands of ‘me too’ comments in the hope someone will link back to you 5) Expect brands and PRs to never put a foot wrong in approaching you and complain loudly by naming and shaming on Twitter when they do. 5) Complain loudly about how many PR pitches you get each day..

    What have I forgotten? Vix x

    1. Ooh love those….There are soo many lol xxx.

    1. Thank you. I aim to please. X

  6. Love this. Very funny!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. X

  7. I think I’d have to be number 9. I think it would be so cool not to worry about replying to the ordinary folk who mention me, lol.

    CJ xx

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