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Where were Tax Credit People from the Helpline?

I have been trying to phone the tax credit helpline, to notify them of our income changes.  Using the 0845 300 3900 number that is on the form, it has repeatedly gone on to say all their advisors are busy, thank you for calling, goodbye, and then hanging up………  I gave up yesterday at 8pm, when they say their line is closed.  My deadline for phoning in confirmation was yesterday.   That made me late with the figures.

I have been calling several times an hour, and I have been getting really frustrated by it.  This morning, after about 50 calls, I finally managed to get myself onto the hold list, and after about 20 minutes, I managed to get on to an advisor who wasn’t exactly the friendliest, and who told me I have to now be referred to the services dept as I am a day late in putting in my full figures.

The final insult was the woman on the other end of the phone saying, “is that all”, when I gave her the (admittedly small) total income figures for this year.  

Give me strength.   At least the small business keeps us off the dole.