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Look at me, what do you see? (Poem for Autism & Brain Damage)

I look around, my eyes cast down
Don’t look straight at me, my eyes can’t bear to meet
I may smile and pretend, that I like you as a friend
But inside I roar, unable to take any more
The noise is too much, and the crowds far to close
You just don’t see, how much it affects me

You pretend to understand, try to force how I think
The fire in my throat, rises to my temple
Unable to see, how it really should be
In my mind I break down, with red mist all around
The pressure builds up, and I send you my signs
You don’t see how it is, and you miss precious time

I spill out, and into the world goes my rage
Don’t turn that against me, with what you do see
Instead ask yourself, just what could you do
To help me to cope, and turn red back to white
Don’t leave me alone, or shut me out of sight
I just need some time, and things to stay the same

Do you see the rage, or do you see me?
Would you help, or would you walk away?
From the struggle within, would you look into my heart?
Or would you see the effect, simply the end?
Would you judge my words, and sneer at my struggle?
Or make up your mind, that I fight with intent?

I ask you to see, and look past your eyes
At the person within, and how that might be
Instead of a judgement, look for a path
To help me escape, from the mist underway
Really look at me, and decide what you see
And stretch out your hand, in friendship for me

3 thoughts on “Look at me, what do you see? (Poem for Autism & Brain Damage)

  1. Hello from the United States. Got a chuckle when I realized we share the same name. My name is also Lesley Smith but I am a 65 year old male. Enjoy your site and recipes.

  2. WOW, that is fabulous, have to go read it again. Jen

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Jen

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