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It’s Windy Today – Ditty / Poem – May Offend

My son asked me to help write something little for him to do a ditty on wind  !!!!!!!    I was going to pretend that I did not have a hand in this AT ALL, but I know my blog readers can take it!!    Teetering off before anyone thinks I wrote it all.

There once was a boy called Smarty Pants
He couldn’t sit still, he just had to dance
Jumping and flapping, spinning around
With everyone watching, he loved to perform
A big crowd gathered for a show
Like a tree, he began to grow
He puffed up his chest
No time to rest
Stepping out, into the lights
Smarty Pants prepared for a fight
He took a deep breath, to get it just right
He got himself ready, hands on his knees
And dropped a damp squib, hold your noses please

2 thoughts on “It’s Windy Today – Ditty / Poem – May Offend

  1. *snorts* I just had to persuade Zack that I was only laughing at a funny picture that disappeared from the screen… *cough* 😉

  2. hehehe, tell your son I am very impressed at his creative writing skills, he must take after you 🙂 Jen

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