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“A bit o a guddle”

Ah ran ragged aroon me hoose
Sortin an ironin fir hoors ye ken
Wi a teet at e clock, ah feart mesel
Twas time tae gang, an ah wisnae richt deen

At plane thit flees up ower me hoose
Wouldna wait fir us nae mair ye see
A pit oan me braw claes an dressed at bairns
An shoved e bags far me man could lug

We wir aff at day an ah couldna wait
Fir at sun on ma face, at bonny wye
We’d mak a new hame fir a wik or twa
An fun wid hae afore gaun hame

It wisna lang afore we saw
Wid hae to gang an spen a bob
Fir in at guddle ah got mesel
Ah forgot tae pack thae claes ye see

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