Big Old School Bullies – They Are Not Always Who You Think They Are – Part 2


Image: cjansuebsri / It all started one lovely December Friday afternoon in an Aberdeen Primary School, when middlie decided to not cope with the lunchtime hall at his new school.    Maybe this is where it all actually ended, and perhaps you need to know a little more background than you already know to realise…

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Big Old School Bullies – They Are Not Always Who You Think They Are – Part 1

I have children with special needs.  Two manage in a mainstream setting with some extra support, but one has more pronounced special needs, and more difficulty managing in daily life.  I was forced into a mainstream nursery place when he was three, but they couldn’t cope with him.  I fought for him to start off his school…

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Fill In The Blanks !!!!! Meme

I have been tagged by @jontybabe AND @helloitsgemma on twitter.    They are getting me back for tagging them last week (only kidding). Fill in the blanks is as it sounds.  A list of words that I have to fill in the blanks of. I am…  Trying to be the best mum that I can be.  I know…

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Education Cuts & Protecting the Vulnerable – Budget 2011/2012 – Aberdeen


  10th November was the day that the council in Aberdeen voted once again on the budget  cuts. The statement is here for anyone local to Aberdeen As with the other statements which will be being released up and down the country, they make for quite light reading, touching on issues, and promising to deliver on what looks like…

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Saving Education Services in Aberdeen – Cuts for ASN affect ALL Children

I’ve become aware of a campaign running to save services for ASN in Aberdeen.  What I have read so far is almost unbelievable.    Being a parent of ASN, this is something that affects me daily, and is an issue that affects all children in every class when PSA’s are taken away. I am not yet…

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