Christmas Tree Napkin Fold 2

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Tutorial

This is so simple to do, and looks great on a table, or place setting.  It's something a little different and personalised for your Xmas day guests.  Napkin folding is not something new, but we all appreciate the little touches that made Christmas Day that little bit more special.Here's how … [Read More...]

Pendants 1

Hand Made Jewellery Christmas Presents

Here they are.  The personalised Christmas presents we made with the owners in mind.  We hope they enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them.  They're all either rhodium plated brass as a base for the pendants, with only a couple that are sterling silver.  The colours are all made by cold … [Read More...]

Little Grippers 2

Those scribbles on the walls really add up…

Any parent understands the day to day struggle with keeping the house in order, and we’ve all walked into a room to be met with spillages, breakages and general curiosity-induced chaos, maybe some innocent puppy dog eyes too.It’s great to see the kids having fun, but all too often a play date … [Read More...]

Von Chef 2

Review: Von Shef Frozen Dessert Maker

Domu is a brand, resulting form ten years experience with Designer Habitat.Their goal is to give customers very competitively priced gadgets at a lower price than the traditional brand name items.    The products allow us to get a wide variety of home and kitchen products at a much lower cost … [Read More...]

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