The Caffeine Effect


Sweating and with a heavy headache, coming off caffeine was no easy feat.  I hadn’t realised I was so addicted until I tried to stop drinking diet fizzy drinks.  It wasn’t the aspartame that people tend to attribute as the biggest problem, as that was still in the diluting juices I fizzed with my soda […]

Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) / or Wibbly Wobbly Joints As We Know It


Two of my boys have hypermobile joints.  You know the ones that can turn their elbows inside out, or stick out their shoulder blades at completely stomach churning angles.  One of mine can do that. Littlest can turn his feet to direct opposites of each other. In simple terms, hypermobility is the ability to move […]

Grow Your Own Garden Goodies

Plot Dill

Getting goodies from the garden is always a fab thing to get.  We’ve got a plot and it’s great to get fresh stuff.  Our plot has grown and grown and grown and although it’s the first year, there should hopefully be many years after this to enjoy the goodies. The strawberries looked and tasted great. […]

Holiday Horrors: Sunburn


Sunburn hurts. A lot. We’re in France and on day 2 it was raining and very very cloudy. The boys all took to the pool with gusto and we never thought about topping up the suncream. The result was that we were all slowly being roasted through the clouds. Two of the kids sunburn abated […]

Help For Holiday Hair Horrors

holiday hair

I have thick and wavy hair, even though I straighten it to within an inch of its life daily, and sometimes several times daily. I’ve often been tempted to have a try at the hair extensions the young kids use nowadays, and my boys elder sister does a great job of creating fabulous hairstyles from […]

Guest Post: Is your child’s digital knowledge streets ahead?

Baby Computer

  This is  a guest post by Alexandra from Know The Net, an organisation that provides information, tips and advice on how to stay safe online. ——————————————————————————————— Having grown up in a world in which computers are all pervasive, it is little wonder that children often know more about using technology than their parents. To many, […]

Swimming Lesson Torture

child swimming

If there’s one thing that has driven me mad over the last few years, it’s been the constant competition for places on the council run swimming lessons.  You sign up, are allocated a pool which might be a fair distance away at inconvenient times, and then take little cherubs there for years on end while […]

Life doesn’t have to be “normal.”

It’s taken me a while to think about how to write this.  I started off making jokes all through the draft and then stripped them out again.  It’s more serious than that direction would have indicated and is in danger of waffling on a bit. Who said that life has to consist of mum, dad, […]

How to make a quick uncooked strawberry sorbet with stevia.

Strawberry Sorbet 6

A sorbet recipe gives a lovely and light ice cream substitute and doesn’t show that it only a blend of strawberries and sugar or sweetner.   I believe they used to be used to cleanse the palate between courses in earlier centuries, but sorbet now tends to be used in place of ice-cream, or as […]