Who’d Love a Giant Vending Machine?

Image Credit:  F Stop Press

Thanks to F Stop Press for allowing me to use their images.   I just had to comment after spotting the story on the news yesterday about the Giant Vending Machine that engineer Peter Fox invented for himself because he couldn’t get a manufacturer to make one.    It’s classed in the line of Automatic Shops, […]

Talk Pants With Your Kids

Talk Pants With Your Kids

I was asked to be involved with the underwear campaign for the NSPCC who held a Google hang out.  I couldn’t make the hangout, but I did commit to raising the issue on my blog. Personally, I think parents and carers often leave it far too late to start talking to kids about the parts […]

Is it fair to call any kids animals?


This has been opened up by a Tweet.  This is what KT Hopkins actually said on Twitter. Mums hearts are broken by school bullies. Yet schools continue to support these animals and ignore those keen to learn. Let me at them. The Telegraph had said: Michael Gove: teachers should punish children with litter duty, lines […]

Scots Independence – Who Cares!!

Scottish Flag 570

Well, if David Cameron is anything to go by, he does. Somehow, I can’t quite believe that. I’m a heathen, or is that an atheist?  I’m never quite sure what to call myself, but I believe in very little in the way of religion, nor of politics. At the moment, independence and religion are on […]

The New Age Anti-Feminist


If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to make me stop and think, it’s going to be the rise and rise of the “new feminist.” At first glance, I almost supported the recent “twittersilence” campaigned by Caitlin Moran and India Knight as it looked good on the surface to raise awareness of the rape and […]

R.I.P Lady Thatcher


Driving along Union Street we were faced with board after board after board with the huge letters instilling fear into everyone who had taken out a mortgage in the last few years. Suburbs became festooned with placards stuck into grass, onto windows, and at the end of roads. “For Sale” As a young adult, the […]

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – Why would women put their daughters off having the vaccine?

Jo's cervical cancer trust

http://vimeo.com/10110907 Cervical Cancer Prevention week is: 20 – 26 January 2013 I really had to get involved with this one. I really had no right to let it go past. I’m not going to go in detail with the symptoms of cervical cancer as this is prevention week, but if you want to find out […]

The potential of obese or unhealthy to be punished by benefit cuts.


I have to say, the article on the BBC News site made me chuckle at first in how ridiculous it was, but then I read it again, and realised they were serious.  I’ve no doubt the header saying simply “Obese may face cut to benefits.” is intended to draw the reader in.  It does so […]

The Royal Victim: Whose fault? The Leveson Effect?

With all the news about the newish Mrs Windsor and her hyperemesis gravidarum, or rather extra ordinary green gilled morning sickness to everyone else,  it isn’t a surprise that someone, somewhere, was going to try and pull a stunt to get information about her, or the family. I find it a little outrageous that the […]

Misery, Pain and Trauma in the News

Coffee and News

Reading the news can be a troublesome event.  Before I even open the app, or the newspaper, or even switch on the radio, we’re faced with mostly the stories of the darkest deprivation and the most miserable things that can happen by the worst sorts of people on our planet. J#m#y S#v#le This week, the […]