Children In My Heart (Adoption Poem)

Whisper through the air of time Closed eyes With a smile divine Imagine A life beside Your own Too much To cope With Whisper little children So many alone Closed eyes They wistfully Dream Imagine A life beside Their own They wait And hope For Whisper to ourselves We can Open eyes Brave heart Make a difference […]

“Flooer wi a Wish” New Year Doric Poem for all my friends with the English Translation


Fir a oor freens fae ower e warld               (For all our friends, all over the world) Fir abody wi ken                                                         (For everyone we know) Ah’m wishin ye a gran new year                (I’m wishing you all a great New Year) Oor freens are a wi hiv                                             (Our friends are all we have) Lets nae tak ony crabbit […]