Lucky Winner of the LG Washing Machine……………..

The appliances online staff read through all the comments, and the winner is the lady who wrote this lovely poem.  A fabulous prize for anyone to receive.  I hope you enjoy it.


Five minutes peace and what would I do?
well honestly talking from me to you,
these moments are hard to grab
You will know this if you a Mum or A Dad
Ironing , cooking cleaning the lot, a parents job will never stop
theres homework, reading and dance class
and theres always cutting the grass
and dont forget washing and theres loads of that
With 5 little kiddies and one on the way
I use my washer at least 3 times a day
But this LG your showing to me would chop this in half
its got a massive load you see
And then I might grab that bit of peace
Omg that would be a release
I could take five minutes to sit and think
I could even grab a little drink
oh my god it makes my heart miss a beat
how nice it would be to have a little treat
just the odd five minutes just for me

Natelle Arnold

The washing machine is yours.  Please DM me your contact details, including a telephone number for the representative to get in touch with you.

Congratulations, and well done.


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  1. Angel Collins says

    I love the products of LG, makes the task to do easily that’s why it’s called LIFE is GOOD.

  2. Natelle Arnold says

    Omg I cant believe it Im shaking crying and laughing all at once . This will make a massive difference for me and my family . Thanks so so much xxxxxx I have DM’d u xx


  1. The #LGirectdrive has been won. The lucky lady is Natelle Arnold. @nuttynel Coooeeeee See her entry here.

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